Tax Free Sales

Mehrwertsteuer is our German equivalent to the British VAT (Value Added Tax)
and is charged on all goods and services.

Please visit

There you'll find useful information about bying TAX FREE here in Germany.

If you'd like to purchase any piece of
  • Lilliput Lane
  • Border Fine Arts
  • Country Artists
  • Forchino
  • Willow Tree
.... please feel free to do so ...
.... and I would like to sell it to you tax free.

All articles on my website are priced including 'Mehrwertsteuer'.
The Mehrwertsteuer-rate is 19 % at the moment.

Some of the rules for any tax free purchase are:
  • you have to be entitled:
    i.e. BFG serving personnel, UKBC's and their dependants
  • the purchase is for your personal use only
  • the value of the goods purchased has to be more than € 51,13 (without tax)